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Inner Being Club

The Inner Being Club is a place where you are given processes and methods to guide yourself to fulfilling your desires. We discuss experiences in the Blog and become a community of souls on a journey of making life as JOYFUL as possible.We will give personal attention to all our members as they will give to each other .  This is a place to discover your self and the reality. Let us sail into the vast sea of our desires and aspirations on ship which will be your leading edge of thought. FREE to join. Donations Welcome .



Group Coaching

Group Coaching is having 5 or more persons who want to listen a process or the execution of a workshop.The entire call is recorded and copy sent to all participants with what was the learning point and how to put it into action in your life. The Workshop are exciting as they bring up new avenues of thought. They are designed to educate you with processes and methods of soothing your energy.

Come join us for the next Group Session. Single entry in the conference is $20/ Session of one hour.

Personal Coaching Units

Personal coaching is a one on one attention by the coach who will teach how to empower yourself and achieve all your desires.Personal Coaching  Units are purchased in blocks of 6 hrs  , 12 hrs or 16 Hours.   The Coach can then make a detailed plan for guiding you and measure you shift in energy and progress of the manifestations of your desires.  We have agreements which have to signed where all said during the course of coaching is confidential.Personal Coaching is done on a conference line so we can record it. This is a no nonsense money back guarantee if you do not find shift and change in your circumstance of how you feel.

-6 Hours Personal Coaching Units –  $ 390

-12 Hours Personal Coaching Units – $ 750

 -16 Hours Personal Coaching Units – $ 990



Virtual Meditation

This is a guided meditation which will soothe your mind and increase positive virtue to counter the negative.
Weekly Live sessions. FREE if preregistered.

Join for $15 only.