Adelina-Maria Micu



Are you willing to discover your inner world, validate your inner guidance and grow through joy?

As Certified Law of Attraction Coach I enjoy being a deliberate creator by using the Universal Laws. You may want to experience the same and this would make us much more alike.

There is a BEFORE and an AFTER in my life as now I am experiencing the contrast of what I had been living before being coached on the base of the 7 Essential Laws and implementing them into my life.

I can only say that before I was struggling and now I am playing with attitude! What kind of attitude? The one of CONFIDENCE and of JOY!

The information, processes, tecniques and meditations that I use with each of you are made to enable you live a life of ease, to help you handle with grace and ease those situations that chalenge you and get a larger perspective upon the situation. They give you the benefit of expanding even more, going to another level of your life and at the same time enjoying the journey, feeeeeling more of who you really are!